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Working Paper
Vol 8 March 2015

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Social exclusion is a multidimensional process of progressive social rupture, detaching groups and individuals from social relations and institutions and preventing them from full participation in the normal, normatively prescribed activities of the society in which they live. The outcome of multiple deprivations that prevent individuals or groups from participating fully in the economic, social, and political life of the society in which they live. “Social exclusion is about the inability of our society to keep all groups and individuals within reach of what we expect as a society... to realise their full potential."

The Indian society specially the North Eastern States and particularly Manipur today is characterized by Discrimination, Deprivation, Stigmatization and Marginalization of some groups, Strata and area in varied degree, level and intensity which is inter and intra in nature. This often leads to exclusion of some groups/communities in the socio-economic and political development process. This social exclusion is the by-product of faulty policy and plans, rampant Corruption at all levels, Criminalization of Politics, Politicization of religion, Politics of Domination and ever increasing assertion of different ethnic identities and nationalism among others at the expense of Social Unity and Peace, Communal Harmony, socio-economic development and even territorial Integrity.

The Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy (CSSEIP) aims at building an egalitarian manipuri society through dynamic, innovative, inclusive modes of proven quality education and preserving the cultural diversity while promoting communal harmony at all levels. The Centre visualises social change by creating a socio-economic and politico-legal justice and a sense of pride and dignity in every citizen through inclusive means. It also aims at liberating the marginalised by redeeming them from their untold misery and tragic sufferings and ultimately to include them in the main stream of development by way of inclusive approach in social, economic, cultural, political and psychological realm and thereby creating an egalitarian society to make every Indian proud of himself and his country.