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Working Paper
Vol 8 March 2015

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  • The main objectives of the Centre is to study the plan and policy of the disadvantaged groups and to analyse and reviewed the studied literatures regarding Social Exclusion and discrimination in India especially North East (Manipur). It also aims to create awareness at every levels and areas so as to empower the marginalised section of our society.
  • To develop distinctive approach to Social exclusion
  • To create index and indicators on Social exclusion
  • To critically evaluate the existing public policies vis-à-vis Social Exclusion
  • To develop alternative model for future public policy initiatives.
  • To conceptualise discrimination, exclusion and inclusion based on ethnicity, religion, age, race, gender, physical and psychological abilities in the Indian context
  • To formulate policy guidelines for protecting the rights of socially excluded groups and suggesting ways of eradicating the problem of exclusion and discrimination.
  • Developing an understanding of discrimination at an empirical level.
  • To eliminate social exclusion in all forms from the society
  • To Spread the feeling of oneness of human kind.
  • To develop an understanding of the nature and dimensions of discrimination and exclusion